• The forms for In-County and Out-of-County Transfers have been revised.  Please note:  we do not provide transportation for students who attend school outside their attendance zones, and the forms have been updated to clearly state that.  (In the past, students had been allowed to catch the bus at a bus stop somewhere other than near their homes.  This is no longer allowed, and if it is determined that it's being done, the parent will be notified their child can't ride the bus any more.)


    • All transfers for 2016-17 must be on the new forms.


    • The deadline for submitting transfer forms is February 7. 


    • An in-county transfer is good for the time a student remains in the same school, with Principal approval.  When students change schools, new forms are needed.


    • Out-of-County and Out-of-State transfers must be renewed annually.


    • In-County transfers are at the discretion of the Receiving Principal.


    • Out-of-County transfers are at the discretion of the Superintendent/Designee. 


    • If you start a waiting list for transfers, In-County transfers have priority over Out-of-County/State.  It is strongly recommend that these parents register their students at the schools in their own attendance areas.  There is a very good chance they will not be accepted at the requested school due to class size considerations.


    • Students who are living with a person other than a parent/legal guardian and whose parent/legal guardian lives out of your school's attendance area are required to submit a transfer application.  The only exception to this is for homeless students.  The student's school attendance area is determined by the residence of the parent or legal guardian, not by the residence of the student.

    In-County Transfer Form: 

    In-County Transfer Form