Nail Art Project



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Nail Art Project

Students were given this project to introduce some of the tools in the Woodshop.  Tools introduced include Miter Saw, Planer, Jointer, clamps, Router, Sanders, Hammer, Drill.

Students were instructed to cut four 1x2 strips at 8 1/2" each.  Next students planed the faces off of the boards by running them through a planer.  Next, they took each of the boards and cleaned up the edges by running them through a Jointer.  This step was to prep the lumber for glue jointery.  

Students took their 4 pieces of lumber and applied glue to the edges and clamped their boards together.  Next step was to cut the edges even on the Miter saw and cut all 4 corners at a 45 degree angle on the miter saw.  After this, students routed one side of their board with a roundover bit on the Router.  Students used sanders to sand down their boards to prep them for their nail art.

Students were given different types of nails and shown how to use a drill to pre-drill holes for their nail art


Please see below for Spring 2017 - Level 1 students - Nail Art project - ENJOY!