Crop Circles Project - Fall 2017



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Crop Circles Project - Fall 2017

Students were given this project to help learn some of the tools in the shop and how to apply paint and stain.

Students were instructed to cut two pieces of 2x4 cut at 7".  They used the planer to smooth out the faces.  They used the Jointer to create square edges.  They took the two pieces of 2x4 and used the glue jointery technique with clamps to glue the two pieces teogether.  

In addition, students used a router with a Chamfer bit to route the edge of square block after the glue set up.  Students also used hand sanders to sand out any rough spots.

Students used a drill and forstner drill bits to create a design on one face of their block.  To finish up the project, students had access to stain and paint for added creativity.