• Contact the Office of Professional Development (904) 491-9888 to apply for placement.

    Interns/Pre-Interns fingerprinting needed

    If you have not been previously fingerprinted and have been accepted as an intern or pre-intern go to fingerprinting needed for scheduling directions and to complete the Personal Information Form.

    Interns/Pre-Interns previously fingerprinted  

    If you have been fingerprinted in another school district, and have been accepted as an intern or pre-intern, fill out the Intern/Pre-Intern Registration for below and submit as directed.

    If you are a pre-intern, and you already have a statewide uniform ID badge, you will not need any other badge. 

    If you are an intern, you will be issued a Nassau County Intern Badge. You may pick up your badge at the school where you are placed at the time you begin your internship.



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