• Wildlight Elementary School Student Fitness Club


                This club is for students that are serious about working out and attaining a higher level of fitness.  It is not a social club.  The members are expected to be dressed out and ready to work out by 1430 on meeting days.  Meeting days will be Mondays and Tuesdays starting 30 September.  The Fall Season will end the first week of December.  There is a requirement of a $20 fee to be received before the starting date.  This fee pays for a special WESSFC uniform that can also be worn to PE and the end of season celebration.  If a student is in other after school activities that do not allow them to be a part of WESSFC on at least one of the meeting days per week the student cannot join.  If you have any questions, please call or email Coach Pagel using the information below.  Please keep this information for future use.

    CELL: 753-0130                                 EMAIL: pagelch@nassau.k12.fl.us