Friday, February 11, 2022 


    Career Shadowing is a nationwide effort where hundreds of thousands of workplaces welcome millions of student shadows through their doors.  Career shadowing is an academically motivating educational activity dedicated to giving students an up-close look at the world of work.

                             Everyone Benefits                          

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    For Students, Career Shadowing...

    • It provides an answer to the question "Why do I have to learn this?"
    • Demonstrates the importance of academics in reaching college and career goals.
    • Motivates students to learn by demonstrating a tangible application of classroom lessons.

    For Employers, Career Shadowing...

    • It helps prepare the future workforce.
    • Offers a chance to share knowledge and skills
    • Demonstrates a tangible commitment to supporting and improving the community.


    Career Shadowing locations expanded to the Nassau Technical Career Center offering students opportunities in Culinary Arts, Java Programming and Computer Hardware Repair.  The Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville is also offering shadowing opportunities to our students.  We also have Cloud Accounting and Consulting offering shadowing experiences. 

    Space is limited in each program.  Register now through our online registration below and save your spot!


    To participate, you must be an 8th-grade student, then complete the online form and fill out the attached PDF as well as the district's medical authorization form and return both to your school's Guidance Department no later than Friday, February 4th. While most students will shadow one of their parents, families are encouraged to consider their relatives, neighbors, and friends in specific career fields related to the students' interests.  Participating students will be considered as attending school on a field trip on the day of the event.

    Career Shadow Day Registration Packet                    Career Shadow Day Online Registration

    This link will allow you to download and print the                   This link will allow you to register online.

    registration packet to return to guidance.                                You need to complete both parts to register.