• 2019-2020 Best & Brightest Award Program

    The Legislature recognizes that, second only to parents, teachers play the most critical role within schools in preparing students to achieve a high level of academic performance.  Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature to recruit, retain, and recognize teachers who meet the needs of this state and have achieved success in the classroom.

    The Florida Best and Brightest Teacher Program is created to provide recruitment and retention awards to classroom teachers, as defined in 1012.01(2)(a), and recognition awards to instructional personnel, as defined in 1012.01(2), to be funded as provided in s. 1011.62(18).

    To be eligible for a one-time recruitment award (up to $4000) as specified in the General Appropriations Act, a newly hired K-12 classroom teacher must be a content expert, based on criteria established by the Florida Department of Education (DOE), in mathematics, science, computer science, reading or civics. Please find the link to the Nassau County School Board 2019-2020 Best & Brightest recruitment Award Application below.

    To be eligible for a retention award as specified in the General Appropriations Act, a K-12 classroom teacher must have been rated as highly effective (up to $2500) or effective (up to $1000) the preceding year pursuant to s. 1012.34, and teach in a school for 2 consecutive school years, including the current year, which has improved an average of 3 percentage points or more in the percentage of total possible points achieved for determining school grades over the prior 3 years.  The Department of Education (DOE) released the list of eligible schools. The list of eligible Nassau County Schools is provided in a link below.

    To be eligible for a recognition award, K-12 instructional personnel must be rated as highly effective or effective based on performance criteria and policies adopted by the district school board or charter school governing board.  Recognition awards must be provided from funds remaining under the allocation provided in s. 1011.62(18) after the payment of all teacher recruitment and retention awards and principal awards authorized under this section of the General Appropriations Act, therefore an award amount has not yet been established.  Please see the Memorandum of Understanding between the Nassau County School District and Nassau Teachers Association below.


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