• About Speech & Debate

    The National Speech and Debate Assoiation connects, supports, and inspires a diverse community commited to empowering students through speech and debate. We envision a world in which every schoolprovides speech and debate programs to foster each student's communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative skills. 

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    WNHS takes part in 3 National Leagues: National Speech and Debate Association, Florida Forensic League, and Catholic Forensic League. Within these leagues we take part in regional, state, and national competitions that allow students to share their voice and communication skills.

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    Theatre room

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Phone: (352) 562-4426


Degrees and Certifications:

Sponsor: Joshua McKinney



Degrees and Certifications:

President: Destiny Armstrong

Destiny Armstrong is a senior at WNHS and is currently President of Speech and Debate. She was a founding member of Speech and Debate at West Nassau High School in 2019 and previously held office as Vice President. During her first year in Speech and Debate she was able to qualify for Nationals.




Degrees and Certifications:

Vice President: Eliezer Wollitz (12)

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  • Benefits of Organization: 

    National Competitions

    Earns a golden seal on diploma

    Lifelong member of 3 National Leagues