• Fernandina Beach Middle School

    Physical Education Department 

    Dear Parents and Students, 


    Welcome to FBMS Physical Education. This is a brief explanation of what your child will need to be successful in PE. 


    Uniforms are required for participation in physical education. The cost is $20.00 per set, for a shirt and pair of shorts, or $10 for individual pieces. You may purchase more than one set, or piece, and all sizes are available. PE Uniforms are available for purchase online, anytime, all year long. Go to https://fbpirates.booktix.com. A receipt email will be sent to the PE teacher and PE uniform will be distributed the following school day. Cash or check may also be sent with students anytime.


    Locks for lockers are available for rent at $1.00 per semester and are available anytime. It is highly recommended for everyone to rent a lock in order to secure wallets, cell phones, chromebooks, and other valuables. Students are required to use our school locks because of keyed access. Personal locks may not be used.  


    Athletic shoes are required and are considered an important part of the uniform. Any brand name is fine as long as they are lace-up shoes with good arch and ankle support to help prevent foot and ankle injuries. Slides, slip-ons, flip flops, boots and dress shoes are not proper shoes for physical activities and may not be worn. It is recommended that a pair of tennis shoes be kept locked in the gym locker to ensure proper shoes are available at all times.    


    This is an activity class. We expect every student to dress out and participate in whatever sport or activity we have scheduled. Students not participating will have points deducted from their grade. If there is a reason that your child cannot participate due to illness or injury, please send in a parent or doctor’s note. 


    The safety of your child is one of our top priorities and we will do everything we can do to protect them from injury. However, their cooperation and understanding of the class safety rules and procedures are important. Please read the class rules and procedures that will be on your child’s Canvas page for PE. It will inform you of their responsibilities for this class and will ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable experience in Physical Education. 


    Thank you, 

    R. Green & C. Johnson