• FBMS Star Wars Club


    The Star Wars Club is a non-academic social club, offering FBMS students and opportunity to commune with their like-minded peers in a safe, non-competitive  environment free of academic or social pressures. Students will share ideas, experiences, and passion for the Star Wars franchise and its "universe".

    Membership and Meetings:

    Any interested FBMS student may attend meetings and join the club. a standard set of class and participation rules will apply. Meetings will be every other week, unless members are told otherwise. Attendance at meetings will generally be flexible, especially for those participating in other programs (athletic, homework club, band, etc.). Meetings will be held in room 15-02 from 3:25 - 4:30.



    Students will have an opportunity to meet and discuss their passion for the movies, books, novels, TV shows, toys, memorabilia, news, and rumors surrounding the Star Wars universe. Every meeting will have a theme, discussion topic, or activity that may include watching clips of the movies, documentaries of how the movies were made, discussing the film's theories, back stories or character development, creating Star Wars themed art projects or simply viewing a recent trailer for the upcoming movie and theorizing about the next installment. 


    Students will be responsible for arranging transportation with their parents.



    Mr. Andrew Eames


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May the Force be with us