Welcome to the Student Government Association (SGA)!

    Callahan Middle School’s Student Government Association (SGA) creates the opportunity for students to become effective leaders, thus encouraging and influencing a positive school climate. SGA allows students to participate in and witness the democratic system and creates a line of communication between students, teachers, and administrators.

    Students running for SGA positions spend tens days campaigning for president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, or grade-level representative. They hang posters, talk to their constituents, and all non-representative positions give a speech live on the morning announcements.

    The entire student body votes for who they want to represent them. We do this at Callahan Middle through Google Classroom which allows students to put a name to a face because all candidates have their photos displayed next to their names.

    Once officers are elected, SGA meets and discusses what they want to see enacted at the school. Students can vote on themed dress-up days, fund raisers, and community service events. SGA students also volunteer to help at the Veterans’ Assembly and the 5th Grade Orientation.