• Be Creative

    Welcome to the Rambler Writers Group

    The Rambler Writers Group was established to give Callahan Middle School students that are interested in creative writing an extra opportunity to interact with others who share their interest and learn more about the publishing field.

    The Rambler Writers meet after school to workshop original poems, fiction, and non-fiction. Students learn to give and receive constructive criticism and dive deeper into the literary analysis. Students gain confidence in their work and experience the commitment one must have to be an active writer while establishing a writing community.

    The Rambler Writers also edit and publish Callahan Middle School’s Galaxy Literary Magazine. This gives students the opportunity to learn more about the process of publication. The Rambler Writers are assigned publication roles of Managing Editor, Fiction Editor, Visual Arts Editor, and Poetry Editor. Students organize all student submissions, read the submissions, discuss the merit of each submission and ultimately select which pieces will appear in the magazine. Rambler Writers copyedit and arrange the layout of work that is selected for the journal. Galaxy Literary Magazine will be available on the Callahan Middle School website in the spring of 2018. There will be a limited run print version as well.