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Welcome Bobcats!

Dear BES Bobcat Families,

We are thrilled to be part of you and your children’s lives! Thank you for sharing your children with us…We value you, our Bobcat families!

This year, our theme is: BOBCATS ARE M.O.R.E. We are Motivated. We are Orderly. We are Responsible. We realize Everyone’s on the same team! Throughout the year, ask your child/ren about our theme and how they can earn tickets for being M.O.R.E.

At BES, we are continuing to be M.O.R.E. by enhancing our COMMUNICATION efforts. All teachers will schedule a formal conferences with each family to discuss your child’s progress. (As always, FOCUS is available for 24/7 access of your child’s most current grades.) We will also mail a Positive Postcard to your home during the school year to praise your child/ren. Additionally, we will host Parent Involvement Nights. You can look forward to Reading Nights, STEM Night, Information Nights (regarding SAT-10 and FSA testing), and an Art Walk…to name a few!

We will continue to send monthly publications from school, including a monthly event calendar. We believe it is important to keep you apprised of the current happenings in school. We will also continue to send Home-School Connections, a publication designed to help you with strategies as you read with your child/ren at home. This is in addition to the weekly newsletters teachers send home. Our District also utilizes Parent Link, which delivers messages directly to your phone!

Our promise to you is that we will make every effort to ensure thorough and timely information and communication to our families. We appreciate you taking the time to tune into the information sent home on a regular basis. Healthy school-home relationships are very important to us!

In addition to communication, we are continuing to track student ATTENDANCE. We love having our students at school and want them to have the best possible opportunity for success! Throughout the school year, please ask your child/ren how they can be rewarded for attendance with no tardies!

READING continues to be a focus of all of our efforts! The more students read, the better readers they become! We are continuing to vamp up our incentives for Accelerated Reader. While we want students to ultimately love reading, we will be encouraging them along the way with motivators as they earn their points!

I encourage each of our families to read the BES Handbook, to be familiar with BES policies and procedures. These are in place for everyone’s safety and for optimal student learning.

Thank you for all you do to help us be M.O.R.E.!



Amber M. Bovinette, Principal