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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I have lunch with my child? 

Yes, find out what time your child’s lunch is.  Come to school, sign in at the office, put on a tag and enjoy your lunch.  You can also purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.

2. Can I go to another area to eat with my child? 

Yes, you can go to the “Parent Table” at the right side of the cafeteria as you enter.

3. Can my child take a friend with us?

No, because we need permission from the child's parents to go somewhere with another parent and for safety reasons. 

4. Can my child eat breakfast at school?

Yes, breakfast starts at 7:20 and the children are finished at 7:45. 


Pick-Up/Drop-Off (Transportation)

1.  What time can I drop my child off at school? 

The earliest is 7:20 am, supervision starts at that time.  They will wait in the cafeteria until the 7:30 bell rings for dismissal to the rooms. 

2.  What time is the last time allowed to pick up my child from the front office in the afternoon?  

1:30 pm is the latest time you can pick up your child early from the front office in order locate them in a timely manner. 

3.  Will the drop off and pick up lines be long? 

YES!!! Please be patient and understanding.  It will take a long time to get all the children out.  We are working extremely hard to keep your child and the others safe.  We have a specific process in place to safely deliver your child to your vehicle or hands.  Please follow the process to help us bring your child to you in a timely manner. 

4.  What is our pick-up process? 

Each child is assigned a dismissal card with their name for the year.  You are given at meet and greet or the first day by the teacher.  Place your blue card on your passenger visor or dashboard and have it visible through the window.  An adult will then take your child to your vehicle. 

5.   What if I lose my number? 

Ask your child's teacher for a new one ASAP.  We will not release a child to a vehicle/person without a card for safety reasons. 

6.   What if I don't have my dismissal card? 

Youeed to go to the front office to have your ID checked and a temporary card will be given until the new card is issued.  Then, get back in the pick up line and we will bring your child to you.

7.   Can I just walk into the school and get my child? 

No, We have a safety process in place for the best interest of you and your child.  Follow the procedures and it will be a smooth transition. We have checks and double checks to ensure the safety of the children.

8.   Can my child ride the bus? 

YES!  The buses are provided to you for free.  Check with the front office to determine the closest bus stop to your house and that will be where they get on and off the bus each day.  We encourage you to have your child ride.  Please go over the bus safety rules with your child.



1.  Where do I park? 

There are a limited number of spaces in front of the building to park.  Cars are not allowed to park in the front of the school since that is the bus lane.  Buses and cars are not allowed in the same space on school property. It is a Florida statute.


Teacher Contact/General Classroom

1.  Can I contact the teacher? 

Yes, you can contact the teacher from 7:25 to 7:30 in the morning and from 2:00 to 2:55 in the afternoon.  If you call during the day you can leave a voice message and the teacher will get back with you.

2.  When is homework due? 

Talk with your teacher.  Each teacher has a different schedule.

3.  Can I ask for a parent/teacher conference? 

Yes.  You can call the teacher and ask for a conference as often as you want.

4.  Can I send in snacks? 

Please check with your child’s teacher first because of students with allergies in class.  They should be healthy snacks.

5   When will I meet the teacher? 

You will meet the teacher at Meet & Greet, Open House, or a scheduled parent conference.  The teacher will make contact with every child prior to the start of school.

6.  When will I know my child's teacher? 

Class lists will be posted in the front office.

7.  What should I bring to meet and greet? 

Bring emergency phone numbers you wish to have on the emergency card, any information you forgot to bring when registering, information or idea of how your child is getting home, i.e.: bus and/or car rider.

8   What can I do to help my child learn? 

READ!!!  Read all types of books to your child.  Teach them organization and following through on finishing a task.  Teach them to listen and do what they are asked the first time.  Teach them respect for you and themselves as well as others.  Teach them to be kind to everyone. These tips will help them the rest of their lives.  Be a good role model!

9.   Does my child go to other classes? 

The children go to P E, music, library, science lab, and computer lab each week.  The children go to one resource each day of the week.


Before or After School Care

1.  Is there day care available? 

No, not at the school.  Step-by-Step, YMCA, Boy's and Girl's Club, Rec Center, MLK and La Petite have buses that come to the school for the children.  Contact them directly.



1.  Can I come to Southside if I live in another school zone? 

You need an In-County Transfer Form to attend a school not in your zone.  You need to get permission from the receiving principal and release from the releasing principal using this form.  The principal has to approve your attending their school before you can come.  Once the principals approve, the form is sent to the School Board for approval.  If they approve it you will be sent a stamped copy of the approved form.  This will let you know you can attend the school out of your attendance area.   You will not be allowed to attend the school without the In-County Transfer Form on file.  Contact the school to get the form and ask permission.  Permission is based on enrollment to prevent overcrowding.

2.  Can I have a choice in the teacher for my child? 

In April and May teacher request forms are available. You need to put down 6 teacher choices. If you do not put down 6 names your card is not valid. The names are not in numerical order.  You will get one of the six choices. 

3.  Can I register anytime? 

You can come in to register your child Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Please do it as early as possible.

4.  What do I need to bring to register? 

You need your child's social security card, birth certificate, shot record, physical form, and verification of address using a utility bill, mortgage, rent information etc.


PTO/Volunteer Opportunities

1.  What if I want to help at school? 

Contact your teacher in order to help in the class.  491-7941. Volunteers need to be approved by the School Board.  

2.  Can I volunteer in the classroom? 

Yes, discuss this with your teacher first to develop a schedule and plan.  Complete the volunteer form so you can be approved by the School Board

3.   I can't help during the day. Can I help at home? 

Yes, your teacher has many things that you can do for him/her that you can do at home.  

4.  Do you take donations of any kind? 

Yes, people have donated money to purchase copy paper for the teachers and various other items for the classrooms.  We welcome anything people want to donate.

5.  What is the Chick-Fil -A money used for? 

We use the money received, for supplies within the school.  We purchase paper, garbage cans for the classroom, carpet, field trip money for students that can't afford to pay, ink for the printers, etc.  Thanks to parents.

6.   Can I help with Shrimp Festival Parking

Yes!  We need your help for set up, clean up, parking cars, directing traffic and guiding people to the shuttle bus.

7.   Are we parking cars at Atlantic Elementary parking lot? 

Yes!  We need help there too.  We are working with Emma Love Hardee to park cars just as they did in the past.  The money will be split in half between the two schools. 



1.    Can I access your web page anytime? 

Yes, go to



Student Birthdays

1.  Can I bring in items for my child's birthday? 

Contact your child’s teacher to find out.  Each teacher is different in what they allow for snacks due to allergies.  Most teachers allow cupcakes for the students in the class.

2.  Can I have my child give out invitations to their birthday party?  

Yes, if you have one for every child in the class.  This way no one will have hurt feelings.  If you are not inviting all the children then please do not bring the invitations to school to distribute.

Other School Routines

1.  Does the school do fire drills? 

Yes, once a month as a requirement from the state. 

2.  Do you do tornado drills and other emergency drills? 

Yes, we have two tornado drills a school year.  We are a Storm Ready School and passed all the training to be considered qualified.  We have safety procedures in place for many emergency procedures.  On our website is the Southside Safety Emergency Plan.

3.  Is there a dress code? 

Yes, look in your SS student handbook or find it on this web page.  Children need to wear shorts or skirts/dresses that are just above the knees.  Shirts/dresses should cover their shoulders and long enough to not show their belly.  Shoes should be athletic shoes or shoes with a back.  The playground equipment is slippery.