BENCOR is the third-party administrator charged with the maintenance of your sick leave payout upon retirement, if eligible.  The following information is specifically designed to assist retirees, or those nearing retirement, in understanding your BENCOR account.

Plan Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

BENCOR has published a variety of documents and videos intended to explain their role in serving retirees, what benefit you receive by having your sick leave payout sent to BENCOR and other frequently asked questions. 

BENCOR Special Pay Plan Overview & FAQ

Easy Access Flyer 

Congratulations!  You've retired from the Nassau County School District and if you've met minimum contractual requirements to be eligible for a payout of your sick leave balance, your payment may be sent to BENCOR.  Payments in excess of $2,000 are required to be sent to BENCOR.  The Easy Access Flyer provides retirees with the tools to access their accounts.  Please note, accounts take upwards of 30 days to fund following the payout of your annual contract.

Easy Access Flyer

Financial Wellless Website

BENCOR provides an unbiased educational self-help website providing a broad range of tools and articles to help our clients achieve financial wellness.  Complete with calculators, videos, and informative content, resources are provided to assist individuals seeking guidance on a range of long-term planning topics. 

Financial Wellness Website