Laptop Checkout

Student Device Registration Update from March 23, 2020

STUDENT DEVICE REGISTRATION UPDATE: Thank you for your continued patience during this time. We have finalized our device distribution plan and have included the details below.

The distribution of NCSD computers for virtual student instruction will be on March 26 and March 27. Please complete the device request form below.

1. Devices must be picked up by the student’s parent or guardian listed on the device registration submission. (When submitting the form, please submit the name of the parent or guardian picking up the device).

2. Device pickup will be located at your student’s school in the parent pick-up area unless indicated otherwise at that location.

3. Upon arrival, please do not leave your vehicle. This will ensure that we are complying with CDC and Nassau County EOC guidelines to observe social distancing and protect your families and our employees.

4. The school’s designated representative will be near the curb for the parent or guardian to present his/her driver’s license or Florida ID. This will be used to verify contact affiliation with the student.

5. Once the information is presented to the school district employee, the employee will verify the parent identification against the information submitted via the Student Device Registration, which has already been verified with Focus. You will be given a device and it will be recorded as having been checked out to your student.

6. If you need free or reduced fees for Internet connections, please visit our website at

Please complete the Student Device Registration Form at by Wednesday, March 25 @1:00pm.