Digital Learning

What Can Parents Expect During Distance Learning?

  1. Student Instruction:
    1. Students working from a digital platform will log into Classlink at to find their weekly instructional videos and assignment instructions.
    2. Students without access to a digital platform for instruction will be provided paper copies of instructional assignments. Arrangements to pick up and drop of paper copy of instructional assignment are still being made.
    3. All weekly assignments are due on Friday by 4:00 pm each week.
    4. The following week’s assignments will be posted every Friday.
    5. Students will contact their teacher if they have questions concerning instruction and/or assignments via email, Remind App, Google Classroom, and phone.
  2. Attendance procedures:
    1. Students will receive a daily Remind message using the Remind App to check in with their 4th period teacher to be counted in attendance for the school day. The message will require students to respond with the word PRESENT to be counted in attendance.
    2. If you have not already joined your teacher’s remind classroom, students are instructed to go to the Google Classroom set up for that specific teacher. Then, locate the Remind code posted on the teacher’s announcement page.  (Your student is familiar with the Google Classroom platform.)
    3. Students not using the remind app will need to call the school daily to check in for attendance purposes. 904-879-3606.
    4. Use of the Remind App is the most direct method of communicating with the teacher for attendance purposes.   We strongly encourage the use of Remind.
  3. Grading Policy:
    1. Teachers will update FOCUS gradebook weekly.
  4. Correspondence:
    1. Students and parents will have daily access to teachers via phone, email, Remind App, and video conferencing if needed from the hours of 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
    2. Teachers will be documenting correspondence with all students and parents.
    3. Students/Parents will contact the teacher if they need technology assistance at any time. Teachers will be the first point of contact for all digital assistance.  If they are unable to resolve the issue, teachers will forward the issue on to our IT department.