Wrap Up Procedures

Callahan Middle School

Rambler Wrap-Up

The Callahan Middle School Faculty and Staff will welcome students and their families back to campus to put the finishing touches on the 2019-2020 school year!

At this time, we will:

  1. Collect laptops and chargers
  2. Collect library materials and textbooks
  3. Collect uniforms for Track or other athletic teams
  4. Allow students to collect personal items from gym lockers or band lockers
  5. Distribute art projects

We do not yet know if yearbooks will be delivered before these dates!  Once we know exactly when they will be delivered to the school, we will work out a plan to get them to you!


Dates:        Wednesday, May 20; Thursday, May 21; Friday, May 22

Times:       9 am- 12 pm   and 4 pm- 6 pm



Turn in Laptops: Cars will enter through the bus loop and will turn in laptops and chargers without exiting the vehicle.

Turn in Library Materials and Textbooks:  All books, including textbooks, library books, or teacher books, will be collected through the bus loop along with laptops. (For teacher personal books, please write the teacher’s name on a slip of paper and tuck it into the book so that the teacher’s name shows.)

Turn in Track/Athletic Uniforms:  Student uniforms should be placed in bags and sealed closed with the student’s name on the outside.  These will be turned in through the bus loop, along with laptops.

Collect Personal Items:  Cars will enter the front entrance to the school and park.  Students ONLY will report to the line in front of the gym.  Teachers will be present to ensure that social distancing protocols are met.  Teachers will escort students to the locker room and to any other places where they may have personal items. ADULTS MAY NOT EXIT THE VEHICLE.