Message from Superintendent Kathy Burns

Message from Superintendent Kathy Burns...
Dear Nassau County School District Parent/Guardian,
The school district is in the process of planning for the return of students to our campuses August 10th. The unprecedented closing of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our community, state, nation, and world. Students, parents, teachers, support personnel, and school leaders have all shown a tremendous amount of resiliency and perseverance throughout this event. However, we know that everyone is eager to get back to school and return to some sense of normalcy.
The Florida Department of Education recently provided recommendations on how schools should prepare for students returning to campus. The two overarching constants of this guidance are 1) keeping our education community safe, and 2) ensuring that students receive a first-class education. These guiding principles will be at the core of the district’s plan to reopen.
I have put together a task force of school and community stakeholders including teachers, school district leaders, parents, medical professionals, elected officials, law enforcement officers, emergency operations personnel, business partners, and union leadership, to provide input and suggestions for reopening schools. The task force includes several work groups who are developing plans for health and safety, academics, social and emotional needs, technology, and operations. The groups have already begun their work and we anticipate a detailed plan will be ready by early July.
In preparation for the upcoming school year, it is important for the district to have an accurate count of the number of students who plan to attend our schools in the fall. Based on the circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate parents may have concerns regarding their student(s) returning to campus this fall. In order to better prepare for the upcoming school year, the district will release a survey the week of June 29th – July 3rd for parents/guardians to let us know their intent regarding their student(s) returning to campus this fall. To assist parents in making this decision, the district will provide a document outlining the safety guidelines that will be in place when school starts.
The first day of school, August 10th, is only seven weeks away. The district is committed to bringing everyone back to a safe, nurturing, and healthy learning environment. Your assistance in providing the information concerning your intent for your student(s) to return to campus will greatly enhance our ability to prepare for the upcoming school year.
We are Nassau!