Attendance Policy


Regular school attendance is a necessary part of a student’s education. Excessive absences impair a student’s educational progress, impacts whether the student passes or fails a grade, and may result in court proceedings and/or the loss of driving privileges. Students will be considered absent when they miss 50% of their school day. Absences shall be classified and treated as follows:

Excused Absences

Students must be in school unless the absence has been excused for one of the reasons listed below. Excused absences include the following:

· Personal Illness.

· Illness of an immediate family member.

· Death in the family.

· Religious holidays of the student’s religious faith.

· Required court appearance or subpoena by a law enforcement agency.

· Special events, including, but not limited to, important public functions, student conferences, student state/national competitions that are school-sponsored, administrative approved post-secondary educational institution visitation, as well as exceptional cases of family need.

· Doctor or dentist appointments.

· Students having or suspected of having a communicable disease or infestation that can be transmitted are to be excluded from school and are not allowed to return to school until they no longer present a health hazard (Florida Statute 1003.22). Examples of communicable diseases and infestations include, but are not limited to, fleas, head lice, ringworm, impetigo, and scabies. Students are allowed a maximum of two (2) days excused absence for an infestation of head lice.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Shopping trips

· Pleasure/Vacation trips

· Truancy

· Other avoidable absences.

Reporting Absences

Any student who has been absent from school shall bring a note from a parent or guardian within forty-eight (48) hours of returning to school stating the cause of the absence. Failure to bring in a note will result in an automatic unexcused absence. However, the fact that the student brings in a note does not require the school administration to excuse the absence. The principal or designee will decide whether the absence meets the criteria for an excused absence, and that decision will be final. The administration may request additional documentation, such as a doctor’s note. The excuse must state specific dates of absence, and must be signed by the treating, licensed physician. After fifteen (15) days of absence, whether excused or unexcused, a student must present verification from a licensed doctor for all subsequent absences due to illness.

Make-Up Work

When a student is absent from school with an excused absence, the student shall be responsible for all work and assignments missed during the student’s absence. The student shall make arrangements with teachers for “make-up” work. The number of days allowed to make up the work shall be the same as the number of days the student was absent. This deadline may be extended with approval of the teacher or principal. Previously assigned projects or tests are due upon return from absence or as determined by the teacher’s grading standards