Mrs. Hawkins


         The mission of the Emma Love Hardee School Counseling Program is to utilize professional and community collaboration, ongoing evaluation, and a commitment to progress in order to ensure that every student has the attitudes, skill, knowledge, support, and resources required for success in academic, social emotional, and career domains and that every student is well-prepared for achievement in a 21st Century world.


    • Every student is unique, worthy of dignity, and respect.
    • Diversity should be recognized, appreciated, and celebrated.
    • All students have a right to a safe and positive educational environment conducive to learning and growth.
    • Every student is capable of success.
    • Collaboration among educational stakeholders is crucial for achievement of school, counseling program, and student goals.


    • Provide a safe learning environment for every student.
    • Provide services and support based on the needs of student and the school community gathered from data.
    • Structure the Comprehensive School Counseling Program based on the ASCA National Model to ensure that it is effective.
    • Advocate for students, teachers, parent/guardians, administrators, and the community so that every student can succeed.
    • Participate in training, enrichment, and professional development activities to enhance the effectiveness of the counseling program.

    School Counselor Responsibilities

    • Class Change Requests
    • ESE LEA
    • Gifted – Testing/Screening
    • ELL- Testing/Screening
    • Neglect/Abuse issues
    • County/State Testing
    • 504 Plans
    • New Student/Family Tours/Student Ambassadors/Orientation
    • Attendance Intervention Process
    • Referral to Special Programs/Coordination of Services from Outside Agencies
    • Student or Family Concerns/Issues/Counseling (Short-term)
    • Bullying Training
    • PBS/MTSS/Attendance/(A-Team Lead)


    Contact Information:


     Mrs. Mary Hawkins

    Emma Love Hardee School Counselor


    Contact Info

    Mary H. Hawkins, School Counselor

    Emma Love Elementary School (Room 01-30)

    2200 Susan Drive

    Fernandina Beach, FL  32034