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  • What Can Parents Expect During Distance Learning?

    1. Student Instruction:
      1. Students working from a digital platform will log into Classlink at to find their weekly instructional videos and assignment instructions.
      2. Students without access to a digital platform for instruction will be provided paper copies of instructional assignments. Arrangements to pick up and drop of paper copy of instructional assignment are still being made.
      3. All weekly assignments are due on Friday by 4:00 pm each week.
      4. The following week’s assignments will be posted every Friday.
      5. Students will contact their teacher if they have questions concerning instruction and/or assignments via email, Remind App, Google Classroom, and phone.
    2. Attendance procedures:
      1. Students will receive a daily Remind message using the Remind App to check in with their 4th period teacher to be counted in attendance for the school day. The message will require students to respond with the word PRESENT to be counted in attendance.
      2. If you have not already joined your teacher’s remind classroom, students are instructed to go to the Google Classroom set up for that specific teacher. Then, locate the Remind code posted on the teacher’s announcement page.  (Your student is familiar with the Google Classroom platform.)
      3. Students not using the remind app will need to call the school daily to check in for attendance purposes. 904-879-3606.
      4. Use of the Remind App is the most direct method of communicating with the teacher for attendance purposes.   We strongly encourage the use of Remind.
    3. Grading Policy:
      1. Teachers will update FOCUS gradebook weekly.
    4. Correspondence:
      1. Students and parents will have daily access to teachers via phone, email, Remind App, and video conferencing if needed from the hours of 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
      2. Teachers will be documenting correspondence with all students and parents.
      3. Students/Parents will contact the teacher if they need technology assistance at any time. Teachers will be the first point of contact for all digital assistance.  If they are unable to resolve the issue, teachers will forward the issue on to our IT department.
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  • Callahan Middle School Technology Distribution

    1. Technology distribution will be held on 3/27/20 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    2. We will utilize the existing dropoff/pickup line for the distribution. Access to CMS will ONLY be available via Wordlaw Circle.
    3. Be sure that you have your picture ID and your student’s ID number when you come. Your student’s ID number can be found in FOCUS if your child has not committed it to memory.
    4. If you were not able to pre-register you will have to have a paper copy of the technology checkout form. You can access that form here:  (We will also have forms available on-site. ONLY the parent/guardian is permitted to sign for the agreement.)
    5. Please don’t worry if you are not in line the moment the gates open! We have the necessary computers and will remain open for the duration of the scheduled period.
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  • Student Device Registration Update from March 23, 2020

    STUDENT DEVICE REGISTRATION UPDATE: Thank you for your continued patience during this time. We have finalized our device distribution plan and have included the details below.

    The distribution of NCSD computers for virtual student instruction will be on March 26 and March 27. Please complete the device request form below.

    1. Devices must be picked up by the student’s parent or guardian listed on the device registration submission. (When submitting the form, please submit the name of the parent or guardian picking up the device).

    2. Device pickup will be located at your student’s school in the parent pick-up area unless indicated otherwise at that location.

    3. Upon arrival, please do not leave your vehicle. This will ensure that we are complying with CDC and Nassau County EOC guidelines to observe social distancing and protect your families and our employees.

    4. The school’s designated representative will be near the curb for the parent or guardian to present his/her driver’s license or Florida ID. This will be used to verify contact affiliation with the student.

    5. Once the information is presented to the school district employee, the employee will verify the parent identification against the information submitted via the Student Device Registration, which has already been verified with Focus. You will be given a device and it will be recorded as having been checked out to your student.

    6. If you need free or reduced fees for Internet connections, please visit our website at

    Please complete the Student Device Registration Form at by Wednesday, March 25 @1:00pm.

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  •    Nassau County Middle School Distance Learning 

                                      Enrichment Week – March 23-27th

    Digital Platform: Classlink


    6th /7th/ and 8th Grade

    1. USA Test Prep through Single Sign On
    2. IXL through Single Sign On
    3. HMH-through Single Sign On

    Algebra I Honors:

    1. USA Test Prep through Single Sign On
    2. IXL through Single Sign On
    3. Math XL independent sign on



    6th/7th/ and 8th Grade

    1. USA Test Prep through Single Sign On
    2. IXL through Single Sign On
    3. Lexia through Single Sign On
    4. MYON through Single Sign On


    Science/Social Studies

    1.  USA Test Prep through Single Sign On
    2. HMH-through Single Sign On
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  • CMS Parents & Families,

    As Spring Break ends and we enter the week of March 23rd, We wanted to inform you of our plans moving forward, recognizing that our guidance from the Department of Education continues to be updated.


    Meals will be available beginning Monday, March 23rd from 10 am - 1 pm at the following locations: Southside Elementary, Yulee Middle, Callahan Elementary, and Hilliard Middle-Senior High.


    We are making plans now for distance learning. Enrichment lessons will be available beginning Wednesday, March 25th. Learning packets and online lessons will be available the following week. For families who do not have access to technology at home, devices will be available for check at Southside Elementary, Emma Love Hardee, Yulee Primary, Yulee Elementary, Yulee Middle, and Wildlight Elementary on March 26th 10 am -1 pm and 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm and at Bryceville Elementary, Callahan Elementary, Callahan Intermediate, Callahan Middle, Hilliard Elementary, and Hilliard Middle-Senior High on March 27th 10 am – 1 pm, 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


    Our teachers will be returning to work on March 30th. Upon their return, they will be contacting their students and parents to disseminate information regarding our plan for instruction as we move forward which will include a blended learning model of both online and paper-based instruction.  


    We also ask you to refer to our district and school website and PTO Facebook page for more information and updates as they become available.


    We appreciate your support as we work together for student success.

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  • A Message for all NCSD Stakeholders from Superintendent Dr. Kathy Burns
    Dr. Kathy Burns, Superintendent of Nassau County School District (NCSD), has directed several actions to help prevent
    the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID‐19. These actions include guidelines for re‐entry of students and employees to
    school after travel from high‐risk areas, new student registrations from high‐risk areas, sanitization of school facilities,
    school attendance, and school‐related employee and student travel.

    This is an emerging situation that the district will continue to monitor and update the public with information as it
    becomes available. We will continue to rely on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to provide us with the most up‐todate
    and accurate information available. NCSD remains in close communication with the Florida Department of Health‐
    Nassau and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to make appropriate operational decisions.
    Re‐entry of Students Traveling from High‐Risk Areas
    The Nassau County School District requests for all parents and guardians to inform their schools by telephone if people
    in their household have traveled to areas that the CDC has deemed to be high‐risk for widespread sustained
    transmission of the virus. Upon notification, schools will work with district and community health officials to determine
    the appropriate action regarding re‐entry of those children into the school.

    Registration of New Students from High‐Risk Areas
    Any new families arriving to Nassau County from high‐risk areas are also requested to telephone the school for
    instructions prior to registration. School officials will work with district and community health officials to determine the
    appropriate registration and attendance plan for those students. Families arriving from high‐risk areas are asked not to
    visit the school(s), but to interact with the school by telephone.

    Sanitization of School Facilities
    NCSD will begin a process of sanitizing and disinfecting all schools.

    School Attendance
    Students who provide written documentation from their healthcare provider advising them to refrain from attending
    school due to COVID‐19 will be excused. Families of these students are asked to coordinate with their school principals
    to develop an appropriate education plan on a case‐by‐case basis.

    Employee and Student Travel (School Sponsored and District Sponsored)
    Currently planned school‐sponsored or district‐sponsored out‐of‐state travel for students and employees may be
    allowed if a trip is to an area which is not on the CDC’s list of concern. District administration will review each trip on a
    case‐by‐case basis.

    Until further notice, new out‐of‐country travel requests will not be approved.

    Until further notice, new out‐of‐state travel requests will not be approved.

    The district is proceeding with caution regarding in‐state travel. All in‐state travel must be approved by the
    Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.

    There are currently no restrictions for in‐county field trips. The district will continue to work with the Florida
    Department of Health‐Nassau and monitor any potential issues in our local community.

    We are currently working with Florida High School Athletic Association regarding regional and state athletic events and
    will provide guidance to schools once that information is received.

    Parents and guardians are urged to ensure their phone numbers are correct in Focus. Please login to Focus and click My
    Child and then Addresses & Contacts to verify the phone number(s) on file. Please contact your child’s school if your
    information needs to be updated.

    Staff Responsibility
    Staff returning from any location the CDC recommends “avoid all nonessential travel” will be required to “selfquarantine”
    for 14 days upon return to the United States.

    Stay home for 14 days from the time you left an area with widespread, ongoing community spread (Level 3 Travel Health
    Notice countries) and practice social distancing. Discuss your work situation with your employer before returning to work.
    The district requests for all employees to inform their supervisor by telephone if people in their household have traveled
    to areas that the CDC has deemed to be high‐risk for widespread sustained transmission of the virus. Upon notification,
    the supervisor will work with district and community health officials to determine the appropriate action regarding reentry
    of the employee to the school or facility.

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  • You’re Invited




    What: School Advisory Council Meeting

    When: October 17, 2019

    Where: CMS Library

    Time: 3:30 pm




    Topics for Discussion

    • Review/discussion/voting of School Improvement Plan
    • School Action Plan
    • Review of Calendar Events




                    We hope that you will be able to attend!

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  • The link below includes the paperwork for the 8th grade Icemen field trip.  

    Students who qualified for the trip received paperwork on Tuesday this week.

    Completed forms and money are due on 9/25/19.


    Icemen Hockey Field Trip

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  • You’re Invited




    What: School Advisory Council Meeting

    When: September 19, 2019

    Where: CMS Library

    Time: 3:30 pm




    Topics for Discussion

    • Election of Officers
    • FSA Data Analysis
    • Review and discussion of School Improvement Plan/ School Action Plan
    • Review of Calendar Events
    • SIP Budget




                    We hope that you will be able to attend!

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  • We are Ramblers!

    Citizens of the World!

    Rambler Advisory Homerooms are working hard this year to develop relationships and build a sense of community within our school.  The devastation of the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian provides us with the opportunity to prove our commitment to the entire world community. 

    Callahan Middle School will be accepting donations for those affected by Hurricane Dorian from Monday, 9/ 9/19- Friday, 9/13/19. 

    Students may bring donations to their homerooms each morning.  Community members may drop off donations at any time to the front office.  If you have a student at our school, please designate their name on the donation, as we are running a contest between homerooms to collect the most items!

    The following items are needed:



    Water purification tablets



    Baby wipes


    Formula (Preferably already made)





    Duct tape



    Solar powered phone chargers

    Feminine products


    Hand sanitizer

    Light blankets

    Work gloves

    Chain saws

    Power tools

    Ready to eat foods

    Non-perishable foods

    Manual can openers

    Mosquito netting

    Bar soap

    Powdered laundry detergent

    Extension cords

    Garbage bags

    First aid items

    New blankets

    New sheets

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  • CMS School Advisory Council

    Join Our Team!


    If you would like to participate in the School Advisory Council for the 2019-2020 school year, please complete the bottom portion of this form and return to Ms. Devereaux.


    Duties and Responsibilities


    1. SAC meets approximately four times a year.
    2. Committee is made up of the principal and elected representatives from both instructional and non -instructional staff, parents, and community members.
    3. Assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan.
    4. Assist in the preparation of the school’s annual School Improvement budget.
    5. Assist in monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the school improvement plan using school climate survey and state assessment data.



    _____ Yes, I am interested in serving as parent representative on the CMS SAC.



    ___________________________        __________________________       __________________          

               Parent Name                                         Student Name                                   Phone


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    Clothing and accessories are required to reflect neatness, cleanliness, and good taste.  Students are expected to be modestly dressed and groomed. Students who fail to comply with dress code policy will be assigned lunch detention and will be required to change clothing before returning to class. 

    Dress Code Requirements:

    1. Students shall wear shoes at all times. Closed toed shoes are recommended.  Athletic shoes are required for P.E.
    2. Students’ pants shall be worn at the waist and pants may not have holes, in the upper thigh area. Undergarments should not be exposed. Form fitting pants such as yoga pants or leggings should have appropriate coverage.
    3. Students shall be permitted to wear shorts. Short or extremely tight shorts or skirts are not appropriate. Shorts must be the length of the fingertips when standing straight up with arms fully extended on the thigh.
    4. All students shall wear full coverage shirts or blouses reaching the armpit area. Shirts must cover midriff area and may not have spaghetti or thin straps less than 3 inches.  NO racer back cut tank tops or see through clothing.   Undergarments should not be exposed.
    5. Clothing displaying profanity or inappropriate material may not be worn at school.
    6. Distracting jewelry and hair styles are prohibited.
    7. Masks, face paint, disguises, and costumes are prohibited.
    8. No head coverings, including, but not limited to: caps, hats, bandanas, or hoods shall be worn at school. (Exception: Knit caps may be worn outside during cold weather.)
    9. Students are required to wear a PE uniform when participating in gym.
    10. Pajamas and slippers are not acceptable school attire.

    **Please note dress code must be followed on special event or dress up days. **

    Please refer to Nassau County Code of Conduct for a more extensive explanation of the Dress Code. 





                      STUDENT CELL PHONE POLICY

    Cell phones are a distraction to the learning environment.  Therefore, cell phones must be turned off and kept in backpacks (not in the pockets of clothing) at all times.  If cell phone is visible, it will result in the phone being confiscated by school personnel.  Parents will be required to come to the school to pick up the cell phone.  Smart watches are not to be used as communication devices while on campus.  Wireless earbud accessories are also prohibited.



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  • 7th Grade Shots Due BY August 12!

    All 7th grade students are required to turn in an updated shot record reflecting the TDAP vaccination BEFORE they may attend classes this year.  Students who arrive on campus without an updated shot record will not be allowed in class.

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  • General information for Back-to-School and supplies can be found in following document:


    2019-2020 School Supply List and Back-to-School Information


    Back to School

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  • Fortify App


    Nassau County School District


    Any student, educator, parent or member of the public can report school safety concerns directly to law enforcement and school administrators anonymously and easily through the FortifyFL app or

    The Florida Legislature directed this tool’s development in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.

    The app, which is available for download on Apple and Android mobile devices, is critical to ensuring all Florida schools are safe environments where students and educators can experience and share the joy of learning without fear.

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  • Low Cost Internet 

    Families who qualify for free/reduced lunch also qualify for low cost internet services from Comcast.  Visit the link below for more information:


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