• Major Route Updates:

    Please check your bus stop times frequently as we start school. Each day we are adding new stops, more students, and balancing overloads.  Changes occur frequently throughout the first month of school. You should check back often prior to the start of school to verify your stop times.  Please be patient the first week of school as some buses may run late while trying to get everyone back into a routine. If you have any issues determining your stops or times, give us a call or send us an email.

    No route changes or notes to ride a different bus will be allowed until Monday, October 5th

  • School Board Rule 7.02 states, "The student shall board the bus at the stop designated which is nearest his/her home and may not enter or leave at any other stop except in case of an emergency; provided, that any exception shall be approved in writing by the school principal or designee."

    A student's assigned bus stop is based on the address used to enroll in school.  A request to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop must be provided in writing to the school.  A student will not be allowed to board an alternate bus or get off at an alternate stop unless they provide the driver a written permission slip from the school.

    The following buses are unable to accommodate alternate riders and are blocked because they have a registered ridership that is at the maximum student capacity.

    • CES & CIS: 435
    • CMS & WNHS: 
    • HES: 430
    • YES & YPS: 
    • WES: 
    • YMS & YHS: 373, 387, 413, 440, 460
    • FBM & FBH: