You will need your child's student ID# and our district's school code, 76491, to sign up.

    You can download the app from the Google Play or Apple Store or visit www.herecomesthebus.com.  For video tutorials and instructions on how to sign up and use HCTB you can visit the HCTB solutions page at http://help.herecomesthebus.com/en/support/solutions.

    Here Comes The Bus (HCTB) is an easy-to-use website and app that enables you to see the location of your child’s school bus on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This way, you know when the bus is near your stop, so you can send your child out at just the right time.  When the school bus is within a certain distance from your bus stop (you set the distance), you will get an email or push notification on your phone letting you know the bus is almost at your stop.

    Please keep in mind the following items when you choose to use this service:

    • You must be registered to your correct bus and using your assigned bus stop based on the home address you are registered with at your school.  This is the most common reason that the app does not work for a student.
      • If your student or bus does not appear when you sign up, your student may not be properly assigned to the stop or bus in our routing software.
      • Let us know they are not working in HCTB and we will verify that they are properly assigned.  Let us know by sending an email to
      • If that doesn't correct the problem, then you will have to contact HCTB support through the App. 
    • Do not rely exclusively on HCTB and make sure you are still at your bus stop at the appointed time.