•  Secondary Home Education

    Home Education

    Section 1002.01, Florida Statutes, defines a “home education” program as a sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent in order to satisfy the attendance requirements of ss. 1102.41, 1003.01(4), and 1003.21(1).

    Who can teach in a home education setting? The parent/guardian is not required to hold a valid regular Florida teaching certificate. However, there are explicit requirements a parent must meet in order to establish a home education program. Parents who desire to investigate this option are encouraged to contact the local school district offices or visit the Florida Parent-Educators Association website at www.fpea.com.

    Below are the Nassau County School District's Notice of Intent, Notice of Termination and an Overview Packet.  The Notices of Intent and Termination are forms that may be filled out online, printed out, signed and returned to Nassau County School District Secondary Home Education by using the address, fax number or email located at the bottom of the forms.  For any additional questions and/or concerns you may contact our office at any time at 904-277-9029.