What time can I drop my children off at school?

    • Supervision for students begins at 8:30am each morning. Children arriving to campus prior to the time must participate in an authorized, supervised activity such as Community in Schools or an athletic team. Since most staff does not report to work until just before supervision time, children are unattended and this results in a safety concern. Please help us protect your child by refraining from dropping them off prior to the scheduled time.

    Where does my middle school child report to in the morning?

    • Middle school children assemble each morning in the cafeteria, allowing for additional supervision for our younger students. They are dismissed at the morning bell to report to their first period teacher.

    Why is student drop-off/pick-up only located at the gym circle?

    • While there are multiple exits from our campus, many exits bring students directly into the paths of oncoming bus and car traffic. To avoid this, the gym circle offers the safest option. The times for drop-off/pick-up each day are from 8:30-9:00am and 3:25pm (2:25pm early dismissal days), respectively.

    How do I check my student out early?

    • Students may be checked out by an authorized parent or guardian who is listed on the student's emergency contact information and presents valid identification. In order to ensure that students are released only to authorized guardians and to avoid mistaken identity, phone calls are not permissible.

    Where is my student allowed to park?

    • High school student parking is located in both the basketball area and the front parking lot of the school. Students may register their vehicle for a parking pass. Passes may be purchased  from the front office.

    Are parents and guardians still welcomed within the school?

    • Absolutely! You are always welcomed. In fact, we not only invite you to visit, but to help us. We even have special parking designated for our visitors, located in the front parking lot of the school.