Registration for 2023-2024:

    You can print the registration packet online (print one-sided, please) OR you can pick up a registration packet from the YPS Front Office.  Please schedule a registration appointment at https://signup.com/go/qPHsUKP.  **You must live in the Yulee school zone and have proof of residency.   

    We will only allow one (1) custodial parent/ guardian at registration.  Please plan on your appointment, taking approximately 15 minutes.  You may also drop the packet off in the front office and one of the school counselors will call to let you know if the packet is complete or what items are needed to complete.

    The online registration packet is available below.  Please complete the registration paperwork.  The first page of the packet will show the documents that are needed to complete the registration process.  Please bring all forms (& the documentation) to your appointment!