• Student Council:

    Student Council is made up of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary (all 8th graders); as well as two representatives from each grade level.

    Membership and Meetings:

    Elections are held at the beginning of each school year, in September. Council members must meet eligibility requirements, including the approval by their teachers to be able to get out of class to participate in student council duties. Council members are representatives of their peers and are expected to act as role models. 

    Activities include fundraisers such as selling ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness, a canned food drive for Barnabas, and other non-profits. The council also benefits from the Student/Staff Volleyball game in December. Other duties include helping with bulletin boards, patriotic rallies, teacher appreciation and other activities and events. They are also active in promoting the events with posters and schoolwide videotaped announcements.

    Council members serve for one school year. There is an election at the end of the year for eighth graders who have a desire to serve as freshman class representatives for the FBHS Student Council.