•                                                      FBMS Athletics

    Fernandina Beach Middle School’s athletic program gives all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students the opportunity to build character, confidence, self-esteem, and school spirit through various activities.  These activities include competition with nearby schools for at least six games per activity.

    Effective immediately for the 2023-24 school year, students interested in trying out and participating in the athletic program at FBMS must have a valid (within a year) FHSAA Sports Physical (EL2) and sign-up through AthleticClearance.com. Please click on the link below:

    FBMS AthleticClearance.com Instructions

    Homeschool or private school students, Click Here!


     FBMS 2023-24 Athletic Staff

    Athletic Director: Carolyn Johnson


    Sport                                        Coach(es)                                                 

    Football (Aug-Oct)                  Raleigh Green – Head Coach                

                                                      Willie Scott (Community Coach) - Assistant           

                                                      Lang Duffy (Community Coach) - Assistant

                                                      Jay Taylor (Community Coach) - Assistant

                                                      Shawn Benner (Community Coach) - Assistant

     Cheerleading (Aug-Jan)        Wendy Sapp (Community Coach)                

     Girls Volleyball (Aug-Oct)      Donna Fleming - Varsity

                                                      Lindy Lesoine – JV                                  

     Boys Soccer (Oct-Dec)          Stuart Hamer                                            

     Girls Soccer (Oct-Dec)           Ashley Smith (FBHS)                                     

     Boys Basketball (Oct-Dec)    Willie Scott (Community Coach) – Varsity

                                                      Tim Taylor (Community Coach) – JV

     Girls Basketball (Oct-Dec)     Lindy Lesoine – Varsity                          

                                                      Donna Fleming – JV

    Girls Softball (Feb-April)         Marlana Sresovich                                                          

    Boys Baseball (Feb-April)      Pete Barone (Community Coach)                                          

    Boys Track (Feb-March)         Raleigh Green (Head Coach)                                       

                                                      Cedric Gillette (Assistant)

    Girls Track (Feb-March)          Bailee Jones (Head Coach)                               

                                                      Greg Owens  (Assistant)