•                                                      FBMS Athletics

    Fernandina Beach Middle School’s athletic program gives all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students the opportunity to build character, confidence, self-esteem, and school spirit through various activities.  These activities include competition with nearby schools for at least six games per activity.

    Students interested in trying out and participating in the athletic program at FBMS must have a valid (within a year) FHSAA Sports Physical (EL2) and sign-up through AthleticClearance.com. Please click on the link below:

    FBMS AthleticClearance.com Instructions

    Homeschool or private school students, Click Here!


     FBMS 2023-24 Athletic Staff

    Athletic Director: Carolyn Johnson


    Sport                                        Coach(es)                                                 

    Football (Aug-Oct)                  Raleigh Green – Head Coach                

                                                      Willie Scott (Community Coach) - Assistant           

                                                      Lang Duffy (Community Coach) - Assistant

                                                      Jay Taylor (Community Coach) - Assistant

                                                      Shawn Benner (Community Coach) - Assistant

     Cheerleading (Aug-Jan)        Wendy Sapp (Community Coach)                

     Girls Volleyball (Aug-Oct)      Donna Fleming - Varsity

                                                      Lindy Lesoine – JV                                  

     Boys Soccer (Oct-Dec)          Stuart Hamer                                            

     Girls Soccer (Oct-Dec)           Ashley Smith (FBHS)                                     

     Boys Basketball (Oct-Dec)    Willie Scott (Community Coach) – Varsity

                                                      Tim Taylor (Community Coach) – JV

     Girls Basketball (Oct-Dec)     Lindy Lesoine – Varsity                          

                                                      Donna Fleming – JV

    Girls Softball (Feb-April)         Marlana Sresovich                                                          

    Boys Baseball (Feb-April)      Pete Barone (Community Coach)                                          

    Boys Track (Feb-March)         Raleigh Green (Head Coach)                                       

                                                      Cedric Gillette (Assistant)

    Girls Track (Feb-March)          Bailee Jones (Head Coach)                               

                                                      Greg Owens  (Assistant)