• Welcome to Hilliard Middle Senior High School

    Our goal is to offer all of our students an education that will fully prepare them upon graduation to either enter the work force or continue their education at a college or technical institution. We will make every effort to provide the type of educational experiences that will enable students to be successful in whatever they pursue after graduation. However, the type of education gained through the experiences here depends, to a great extent, upon the individual effort of each student. We urge every student to study diligently in order that they may take full advantage of the instruction that is given.

                Another goal of the school is to provide students with a broad range of educational experiences. Not all of these can be provided in the traditional classroom setting. As a result, the school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities designed to promote the moral, physical, and emotional growth of our students. Students are urged to participate in a wide range of activities in order to achieve a balance and a variety of experiences that will contribute to their overall development as individuals.

                In order to provide students with the quality education they deserve, we must provide an educational atmosphere that is orderly and conducive to learning. Included in this handbook are rules, regulations, and procedures that have been developed in order to ensure that a proper learning environment can be maintained. It is the responsibility of every student enrolled in Hilliard Middle-Senior High School to become familiar with the policies of this handbook and to follow them at all times.


    Dear Hilliard High                                                     Those days of youth which

    Our Hearts are all for thee                                          All of us spent with thee

    Our song shall ever be                                                Form a dear history

    Dear Hilliard High.                                                    Fair Hilliard High.

    Thy halls shall honored be                                          Could they renewed be

    Throughout this great country                         We’d live our days with thee

    For all eternity….Fair Hilliard High                          Through all eternity…Dear Hilliard




    School will begin at 9:00AM and will end at 3:25PM, with the exception of Wednesday’s which are early release days. On Wednesday’s, school will release at 2:25PM.



    All students who are absent MUST report to the main building attendance clerk between 8:45-9:10AM upon return to school. Bring your excuse note that explains your absence, either medical or parent note. A TOTAL OF 3 DAYS MAY BE EXCUSED BY A PARENT NOTE(S) IN A GRADING PERIOD. Students shall be provided an opportunity to make-up assigned work for all absences. The make-up work must be completed within five (5) school days, or a reasonable length of time based on the absence. Make-up work is defined as work assigned on the day of the absence. Previously assigned projects or tests are due upon return or as determined by the teacher’s grading standards. The Nassau County Student Progression Plan defines excused absences as a Parent or Doctor note, death in the family, legal reasons verified by a lawyer or court, principal permission, school related trips, or for religious instruction. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for makeup work.

    On the 6th unexcused absence for any SEMESTER the highest grade a student can receive is a 59 for each class, for which the unexcused absences pertain. A student has the right to appeal to a committee that consists of the assistant principal, dean, a counselor, and attendance clerk. In order to appeal, a student must provide the School Attendance Committee with the following documentation:

    • Proof of passing grades on the required comprehensive semester exam
    • Proof of an overall passing grade in the class for the grading period
    • Written appeal to the principal when grades are posted


    The Pledge of Allegiance and announcements are made daily. Proper respect is expected of all students during this time.


    For questions regarding athletics, please see the athletic director.


    All students should adhere to the following rules. Students must each lunch in the cafetorium. Only parents or guardians of students may join their child during lunch. No other visitors are permitted. New students must have a lunch number (school ID number) to eat. Students may not leave campus during lunch. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO CHECK OUT FOR LUNCH. If a parent brings lunch to their child during the school day, the parent must stay to eat lunch. No lunches will be delivered. Keep your lunch area clean.


    Students are allowed to have cellular phones at school. However, HMSHS is not responsible for replacement or recovery of any lost, misplaced, stolen, or otherwise unaccounted for cellular phones. Students are not permitted to display or use their phones during school hours. Any student who violates this policy will have their phone confiscated and the infraction documented. Cell phone pickup is available from 8:45AM-8:55AM or from 3:30PM-3:40PM, after bus departure.

    1st offense: Phone may be picked up in the office after 3:30 that day or before the 1st bell the next morning. If you cannot pick up your phone on a day before the weekend, your phone will be secured in a locked area until it can be picked up the next school day.

    2nd offense: Thereafter, a parent must pick up the phone at school. ISS may be assigned for further infractions. Failure to surrender the phone may result in further disciplinary action for defiance of authority. See cell phone contract for details.


    Students should follow the dress code as established by the Nassau County School Board (See Student Code of Conduct). Hats, tank tops, revealing shirts, pajamas, and shorts/skirts shorter than 3 inches above the knee are prohibited. No holes in regulation length. Males must wear shirts with sleeves. No athletic wear or other attire without sleeves is allowed. Distracting attire and hair styles are prohibited. No tobacco, alcohol, or suggestive sayings on clothing or hats will be tolerated.


    Students must have current immunization records on file in the Nassau County Health Department.




    Locker rental is $5.00. Students may share a locker for $2.50 each. Students are reminded that lockers are school property and that the school reserves the right to inspect them at any time. No middle school students will be issues lockers. **School locks are included in the rental fee.**


    The media center is open from 8:30AM-3:30PM, with extended hours a few days each week. The following library rules apply to all students.

    • Books are checked out for a two week period. Lost or overdue book fees must be paid before any other books are checked out.
    • No food, drink, gum, or candy
    • Internet permission forms must be signed and on file
    • Inappropriate internet use will result in loss of privilege



    Lost or stolen property should be reported to the teacher immediately. Students are responsible for securing money and valuables in lockers during PE time. Large amounts of money and/or valuable items should not be brought to school. The school is NOT responsible for the theft of items that are not to be brought to school such as CDs, MP3 players, iPods, video games, collectible cards, etc. No skateboards or skating allowed on campus. The school is NOT responsible for and will not investigate any lost or stolen items. Bicycles should be properly parked and secured with a bike lock.


    All vehicles must be parked in the student parking area and must have a school parking permit displayed. Permits can be purchased in the front office. Parking regulations will be strictly enforced. Suspension of driving privileges, towing of vehicles, and/or suspension from school may result for repeated violations. There is to be no loitering in the parking area before or after school. No student will be allowed in the parking lot during school hours without a parking lot pass.


    • All vehicles must be registered with the school. Students must complete a parking application and display a current parking decal.
    • All students must be licensed and covered by insurance. The school is not responsible for the vehicle or it’s contents.
    • No driving over five (5) mph, or any other form of reckless driving.
    • Student vehicles may be subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other contraband may be in the vehicle.



    Textbooks issued to students are the property of the School Board. Fees for lost, damaged, or missing books must be paid by the student to whom the book was issued. No other books may be issued until all fees are paid. This policy extends into the following school year.


    Students are issued 4 report cards during the year, at the end of each 9 weeks grading period. Conferences for concerned students and parents may be scheduled through our guidance dept.


    Unauthorized visitors are not allowed on campus. Students from other schools may NOT visit classrooms. No lunch guests are allowed other than parents and volunteers. All visitors must check in to the front office and obtain a visitor’s pass. Unauthorized visitors may be charged with trespassing.


    Honesty and integrity are virtues that we value and promote at HMSHS. Cheating is dishonest and deceitful behavior that results in a misrepresentation of a person’s true academic profile. Those who truly value education and are willing to put forth the effort to personally excel, not the dishonest, should reap the rewards of success. Teachers will give zeros for cheating and contact parents.


    Field trips are a PRIVILEGE (not a right). They are considered excused absences and all missed work may be made up. Students who leave campus for a field trip must have a current Medical Authorization Form and an Off-Campus Consent Form on file in the office. A PARENT OR GUARDIAN MUST SIGN THE MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION FORM IN THE PRESENCE OF A NOTARY PUBLIC. Several school staff members are notaries.

    • The school reserves the right to deny a student’s field trip privileges if he/she has demonstrated undesirable behavior on campus, at out of town activities, and/or in the classroom. Students who are not allowed to attend field trips must attend school on the day(s) of the trip to avoid unexcused absences.
    • Students who commit discipline offenses after money is submitted may not be allowed to attend and will NOT receive a refund. If in doubt, check with your child’s teacher or the dean.


    HMSHS has a variety of clubs and organizations available for student participation. Students will receive information at the beginning of the school year concerning membership and meeting times. They may join the clubs or organization in their area of interest at this time. Leaving class but failing to report to the club meeting is considered skipping.