• The Student-Athlete Pass  

    Sports cost money, and lots of it! And no, what we make from gate and concession does not cover everything. The purchase of a Student-Athlete pass goes towards the Athletic Fair Share. This one-time sports fee helps supplement the athletic budget in covering equipment, uniforms, officials, and anything else a sport needs to operate. All our athletic revenue goes into one pot to support the entire athletic program. None of our sports have to fund-raise in order to get what they need, thanks in part, to having every athlete pay a onetime minimal sports fee every school year. 

    Student-Athlete Pass - $50 

    Except for football, any student making a sports team will be required to purchase a Student-Athlete pass for their portion of the Athletic Fair Share. As a bonus benefit, the student, with their Student-Athletic pass, will receive free admission to every home sporting event at FBMS for the 2023-2024 school year. The student pass is for the named athlete only. Parents, other family members, or friends, will not be allowed to use the student-athlete pass for themselves. 

    Fan Pass - $35 

    For parents and friends, a Fan pass is available. The Fan pass will allow the one pass holder free admission into every home sporting event at FBMS during the 2023-2024 school year. All athletic activities cost $5 for admission.  

    Any student who thinks or knows they are going to participate in a sport, should go ahead and purchase their Student-Athlete pass. These athletic passes and fan passes are available anytime during the school year. Students who solely play a spring sport are strongly encouraged to purchase their pass in the fall so they can enjoy the full benefit and value of the athletic pass. Passes are available for purchase online, or students may see Coach Johnson before or after school to purchase a pass. 

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