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    Volunteer Information

    Thank you for volunteering your time to enrich our students’ learning experiences. Nassau County Schools, in an effort to ensure the safety of all our students, has implemented additional security checks for school volunteers. All volunteers must submit an online application to the district and receive approval from the district before volunteering at any school. F.S. 1012.01 (5)


    Online Application Instructions


    1. Fill out the online application on any computer. Be sure to use your full legal name and birthdate as it appears on your driver’s license or other government-issued ID.

    2. Be sure to select the school(s) where you most frequently volunteer.  Also, select the functions you would like to see when you sign in at the kiosk.

    3. Once approved, you will receive a response via the email address you provided in your application.

    4. The first time you volunteer, have your government-issued ID scanned by the school.  Your ID must match the name and birthdate you provided on your volunteer application.

    5. All volunteer approvals will expire on June 30 each year, requiring volunteers to renew. Your ID will not need to be scanned again unless your name has legally changed,

    6. Link to the Volunteer Application: Nassau Volunteer Application