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Coach Burch
  • Name: Josh Burch

    Education: B.S. Southwestern College

    Playing Experience: 4YR Letterman Football Southwestern College

    Coaching Experience:  

                                       2010-2011: Assistant Football/ Head Weightlifting Yulee High 

                                       2012-2014: Assistant Football/Head Weightlifting Bradford High 

                                       2015-Current: Head Weightlifting Yulee High 

                                       2015-2016: Assistant Football Yulee High 

                                       2017-2018: Head Football Yulee High 

                                       Spring 2022: Athletic Director


    Why I love coaching: In my experience as a coach, I have tremendous joy in player development. I love watching athletes grow/develop and reach their potential. My passion for coaching also extends to helping athletes excel in their personal life, grooming them for life beyond the sport is extremely important to me.

    Contact Information: Office-904-225-8641 EX 1387

                                           Email: burchjo@nassau.k12.fl.us