• Callahan Elementary Library Policies and Procedures




    • How many books can students check out?
      • Kindergartners can check out one book at a time.  Checkout will begin a few weeks after school starts so that students can learn about book care and checkout procedures.  After a class has had their first regular checkout, students may come to Open Checkout.
      • First and second graders are allowed to check out 2 books at a time.


    • What is Open Checkout?
      • Open checkout is a time when students are allowed to come to the library during the school day apart from their regular library class time.  This allows students access every day so they can check out books more than once a week.


    • How long can students keep library books?
      • Students can keep library books for up to 2 weeks.  If your child needs longer than that to finish, he or she can come and see me to discuss keeping it longer. 


    • What happens when a book gets lost or damaged?
      • We want our students to learn to be responsible.  When they check out books, they take on the responsibility of keeping those books safe and in good condition. 
      • Please help me teach your child to care for our library books.  They should follow these 3 simple rules:
        1. Always handle the books with clean hands and be careful when turning the pages so they do not tear or wrinkle.  
        2. Find a safe place at home to keep the book when it isn't being read.  Always keep library books in the same place, out of reach of pets and toddlers and away from food and drinks.
        3. Use a clean bookbag or backpack to carry the library books so they don't get wet, dirty, or torn.  Beware water bottles!  Leaky water bottles cause a lot of book damage.
      • If an accident occurs and a book does get damaged, please do not try to repair it yourself.  Send it back to school, and we will do everything we can to fix it so that you do not have to pay to replace the book.
      • If a book cannot be repaired or gets lost, a student must either pay for that book or purchase a new copy of the book.  If the student is unable to pay for the book due to extenuating circumstances, we can discuss other options. If a book is found after it is paid for, you may choose to keep the book or donate it back to the library.


    • What about AR and reading levels?
      • Most, but not all, of our library books have an AR test.  While students are working on their goals every nine weeks, they need to check out books that are on their level.  This level spans at least one year.  After the goal is met, students may choose any book they wish.


    • Are there any special events?
      • We will have 2 book fairs during the school year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  We will also have Backyard Buddies nights a few times a year.  These are fun nights when families can gather in the library to read books and take AR tests.  


    If you have any questions or concerns about any of these policies, please feel free to contact me.