Hilliard Elementary School
  • Hilliard Elementary is located in Hilliard, a rural community just north of Jacksonville, Florida. The Town of Hilliard has an estimated population of 3,000 and is the second most populated municipality in Nassau County. Hilliard is the home of the Federal Aviation Administration Facility, which is the town’s largest employer and the county’s fifth largest employer. One of the unique features of our community is that there has not been a great deal of change in the last few decades.  While there are some transient students, the majority of the families are long-time residents of the community. There is a continuous sense of giving and caring with the small town feeling. The people in the community come together in time of joy and crisis. The community is primarily composed of working class families.  There is a large presence of the timber industry; however, a large number of the residents must travel to surrounding communities for employment which creates some unique challenges for the students in relation to assistance with school work. With a large number of students having both parents that may work in another community, resulting in an extended commute, the role of the school becomes increasing vital. We must make sure we provide clear communication and assistance for parents. Our parents are very supportive and are very involved in our school activities and volunteer program. When we host a school program, it is generally standing room only!

    Hilliard Elementary is a small Kindergarten through 5th grade school of approximately 730 students. Students come from the town and the surrounding community. Hilliard Elementary houses a Pre-k Developmentally Delayed class and provides Exceptional Student Services for all grades K through 5. The school population is made up of approximately 62% economically disadvantaged students (free and reduced lunch). The student demographics consists of 89% white/non-Hispanic, 5% black/non-Hispanic, 1% Hispanic, 4% multiracial, .5% Asian, and .5% American Indian.