• Senior Yearbook Page 

    To Purchase Senior Ad:

    Go to www.yearbookordercenter.com. Enter Code: 14450. Click on “Buy a Yearbook Ad.” Choose an ad size and price for your dedication, follow the steps below to build your senior ad, and then pay for the ad after it is created.

    NOTE: Senior Ads are only sold online. On-campus orders will not be accepted.

    (Can not order the ad for the discounted price without photos, cannot hold a place and build later.)

    Deadline: Friday, February 5th, 2025


    • Full Page Senior Page (9" x 12" - Allows up to 10 images):
      •  $350 (Due February 9th)
    • Half Page Senior Page (9" x 6" - Allows up to 6 images): 
      • $225 (Due February 9th)
    • 1/4 Senior Page (4.5" x 6" - Allows up to 3 images):
      • $135 (Due February 9th)

    Deadline: Friday, February 5th, 2025


    • A personal message
      • Take some time to pen a personal, sentimental message for your graduate.
      • Tell them how proud you are and why. You could even include memories, inside jokes, and nicknames.
    • Photos
      • Including baby photos, photos of siblings, pets, grandparents, and friends.
      • Throw in some cute and funny photos (ones that may slightly embarrass but that you cherish so much!)
    • The Year
      • Some senior ads include the year they are graduating.
    • Meaningful Quotes/Verses
      • Many times, a quote close to a senior’s heart and/or representative of who they are will be included in the ad.
    Keep in mind, that this is a tribute to your student that many other parents and students will see. Make it a tasteful page to celebrate them by excluding any type of profanity, nudity, alcohol, drugs, hand gestures etc. — or any reference to these things.

    Deadline: Friday, February 5th, 2025

    This cannot be extended due to getting pages to the printer. It is also a first come/first serve, if our pages are full we will not be able to take your order. Please make sure that you get the page in as soon as possible to make certain you can get your page in. 

    Frequently asked questions:

    • How are the ad prices determined and what is the money used for?
      Ad prices are determined by our school. The revenue from Recognition Pages helps support our yearbook and helps supply products for the class.
    • How is the ad deadline determined?
      The ad deadline is set by our school based on the production schedule for the yearbook.
    • Can create my student's ad on my mobile device?
      Yes, yearbook ads can be created online from both desktop and mobile devices.
    • Can I send my materials to the school?
      No, please do not send your materials to our school. Our school has selected Herff Jones to assist with our ad program. 
    • Deadline: Friday, February 5th, 2024

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