• Nassau County School District (NCSD) believes technology can be a tool that bridges teaching and learning. Through the effective use of technology, students are more engaged, and teachers can introduce students to people, places, and things like never before. NCSD believes students are digital by nature. Students learn and think digitally, so we must connect with them to effectively impact student achievement. Technology will never replace the teacher or the impact the teacher has on students in the classroom; however, the effective use of technology can connect teaching and learning, engage students in the classroom, equip students with 21st-century skills, and increase college and career readiness. 

    The district's Digital Learning Program provides each student with access to digital content, learning tools, and a digital device. Parents and guardians play an important role in the success of our Digital Learning Program. The district strives to maintain an environment that promotes the ethical and responsible use of digital resources. Parents, guardians, community organizations, and business leaders can partner with us to help educate students on digital citizenship and appropriately maintaining and utilizing technology. 

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