We are thrilled to announce that Gabriella Oldaker has been selected as October's Marcher of the Month! This prestigious award recognizes exceptional dedication, commitment, and excellence in our marching band activities.

    Gabriella's peers have spoken, and their words resonate with admiration for her outstanding qualities:

    Gabriella consistently dazzles with her General Effect (GE), showcasing impressive poise and remarkable posture.  Her presence during performances are nothing short of extraordinary.

    She has an uncanny ability to maintain flawless precision and a strong commitment to excellence.  Garbriella's rare absence from rehearsals reflects her unwavering dedication to our band's success.

    Beyond her personal achievements, Gabriella embodies leadership.  She extends a helping hand to fellow band members, offering guidance and support that elevates the entire section.

    In addition to her exceptional marching skills, Gabriella's musical proficiency is outstanding.  Her dedication to steering our show in the show is the right direction has a profound, positive impact on the entire band.

    Gabriella's consistent excellence in both GE and music places her in a league of her own.  Her inspirational role and motivation to her peers make her a beacon of leadership within our band.  

    As our Marcher of the Month, Gabriella now joins the elite contenders for the "Marcher of the Year" title.  Her exceptional leadership skills, musical proficiency, and unwavering dedication position her as a strong contender for this prestigious honor.  

    Congratulations to Gabriella Oldaker, our Marcher of the Month for October! We eagerly anticipate witnessing her continued excellence and leadership as she competes for the title of "Marcher of the Year."

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