• The West Nassau High School Media Center is located in the heart of the school and is open from 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.  At the Media Center you have the opportunity to get textbooks, library books, school supplies, replacement ID’s, magazines, and newspapers. We have a variety of books that you can use for class projects, “fun” reading to escape the stress of high school life and books and test prep materials that help with preparing you for college and beyond.


    To search for the materials available at WNHS, please click on the following link.... Destiny


    The following school supplies are available in the Media Center:

    Pencils - $0.25

    Mechanical Pencils- $0.50

    Pens- $0.50

    Spiral notebooks- $0.50

    Pack of Loose-leaf paper- $1.00

    Composition Books- $1.00

    Tab Dividers- $0.50

    Folders- $0.50

    Poster Board- $0.50

    Science Boards: $5.00

    School ID- $5.00

    Printing- Black & White- $0.10 a page   Color- $0.15 a page


    You may use the media center before school or during lunch but please remember that there is no eating in the library. If you need to get on the computers during your class period you must have a note from your teacher.


    Textbooks should be thoroughly inspected and any problems reported to the media specialist within one week of issue. Make sure textbooks are returned in good condition by keeping them away from pets, young children, moisture and food. Do NOT store your books in your car trunk as it will warp them over time. If you choose to leave your textbook in a teacher’s classroom it is still your responsibility to ensure it is not lost or damaged.