• FBLA is a nonprofit student organization that aims to develop leadership skills, promote career preparation, and foster entrepreneurship among high school students. FBLA chapters are affiliated with local, state, and national organizations, which provide resources, guidance, and opportunities for students to engage in business-related activities, competitions, and events. FBLA is open to all high school students, regardless of their career interests or academic backgrounds. 

    We compete at the district and state levels in skills associated with business and leadership.  These events can range from public speaking to client services. We work alongside Barnabas to provide outreach to our community. 


  • Benefits of FBLA:

    Joining FBLA provides numerous benefits for high school students, including:

    1) Leadership development: FBLA offers a variety of leadership positions, including chapter officers, state officers, and national officers. These positions provide opportunities for students to develop and hone their leadership skills, such as communication, delegation, and problem-solving.

    2) Networking: FBLA offers students the chance to interact with business professionals, educators, and other students from different schools and communities. Networking events, conferences, and competitions allow students to build relationships, gain insight into different industries, and receive advice and mentorship from experienced professionals.

    3) Career preparation: FBLA offers a wide range of resources and programs to help students prepare for college and their careers, such as resume building, job shadowing, and internships. Students also have access to scholarships and awards that can help them finance their education. 

  • Scholarship Opportunities

    There is a FBLA BUSINESS THROUGH EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP awarded to students enrolled in FBLA and at the top 20% of their class.

  • Meeting Information

    Meetings are bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 8:30-9:00am.

  • Membership Dues

    New Members          $40

    Existing Members     $30

  • Officers

    President: Carson Watts

    Vice President: Elizabeth Holton

    Treasurer: Kailey Blackall

    Historian: Lillian Peeples

    Parliamentarian: Greyson Sims

  • Remind Information


  • Mrs. Faith Sims, Advisor