• About Women of Influence

    We are an organization which partners with influential women  mentors from our local ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) chapter. Our focus is developing business skills through monthly workshop meetings such as resume building, interview preparation, how to dress for success, etc. We also raise funds for scholarships which are awarded to our senior club members through the annual Women of Influence Gala. In partnership with the ABWA, we have been able to award 5 scholarships totaling over $23,000 in the last two years. 

  • Activities & Involvement

    While our main focus is on the Gala in Spring Semester as well as year-round workshops developing business skills, we are also creating a new initiative this year to include philanthropic endeavors within the West Nassau High School Community. We will be partnering with Key Club to assist with the Warrior Pantry and Clothing Closet.

  • Benefits of the Organization

    Building skills you will need in the workforce, developing relationships with influential women leaders in the community, learning to market oneself and how to network with those who have greater experience than our own. We also serve as a support group for one another where we discuss issues within our club’s purview, such as job resignations, the benefits and pitfalls of part-time work, etc.

  • Scholarships

    Each year there is an amount awarded to senior members of the organization through a panel at the local ABWA chapter. Last year it was two $4,000 scholarships, and the year prior it was three $5,000 scholarships.

  • Meeting Dates & Times


    All meetings at 7:45am


    September 14th – introductions, goals and purpose of the club (networking among members, member expectations, etc.), Gala introduction & scholarship discussions*I know this is last minute for the first meeting, so if you cannot attend I totally understand.*

    October 19th – Interview workshop (members will complete a “speed dating” style of interviewing with mentors cycling the room to offer advice and constructive feedback) – I will provide a full workshop outline etc. for this

    November 15th – Interview workshop (mentors will share out improvements they can offer, best practices, tips and possibly personal anecdotes about the best interviewees they have spoken with, etc.)

    December 13th – Resume Workshop (both academic and professional)

    January 18th – negotiating a salary or raise

    February 15th – dressing professionally in the workplace; dining etiquette for business dinners

    March 27th – knowing when (and how) to submit a resignation

    April 18th – Networking and/or workers’ rights

    May 16th – Elections & elevator speeches

  • Remind Information


  • Adviser

    Mrs. Morgan Worley


  • Officers


    Amy Cullen – President

    Victoria Brown-McCormick – Vice President

    Chief Communications Officer – Hayley Santos

    Co-Chief Membership and Fundraising Officer – Emma Murphy

    Co-Chief Membership and Fundraising Officer / Treasurer – Ellie Holton