• Archery  

    Archery is a recreational and competitive sport that teaches the fundamentals of marksmanship. Such as how to hold a bow and shoot properly, safely, and accurately. Archery competes in a state competition near the end of February. To practice for this competition archery is held every Wednesday after school in the unit room from 3-4. 

    Commander: Kazmera Caudill    NCO: Sam Waltman    Remind: @fl955arc 

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  • Honor Guard 

     Honor Guard is a combination of different ceremonies done to honor the nation and its honorable people. Honor Guard is made up of colorguards, saber teams, and flag-foldings. Color Guard teaches how to properly present the nation's colors at various in school and out of school events. Sabre team teaches a selection of cadets how to properly perform a ceremonial saber arch. Flag-foldings teach how to fold the American Flag in a respectful manner. To perfect ceremonies Honor Guard practices are held in the unit room every Thursday from 4-5. 

    Commander: Donovan Dame    NCO: Colton Horton    Remind: @fl955hg 

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  • Orienteering 

    Orienteering is a recreational and competitive sport, a kind of hiking/running game, which involves using a detailed map, and a compass, to find one's way through unfamiliar terrain. The objective is to visit a series of designated locations, indicated by circles on the map. At each location a marker, a distinctive white & orange flag called a control, will be placed in a visible location. Orienteering practices are held in the unit room every Monday from 4-5. 

    Commander: Justin Housend    NCO: Camden Back     Remind: @orienfl955 


  • Raiders 

    Raiders is a physical fitness team that participates in state wide competitions of athletic ability. Raiders competitions consist of different events such as calisthenics, obstacle course, personal recovery run, rope bridge, and long distance runs. For a selection of these events cadets will split into male, female, and co-ed teams. To prepare for these competitions raiders practices are held in the unit room Monday - Thursday every week from 4-5. 

    Commander: Brianna Gancerez    NCO: Alex Langdon     Remind: @fl955raid 

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