• KittyHawk Air Society

  • What is Kitty Hawk? 

    The Kitty Hawk Honor Society program is the official National Honor Society of AFJROTC and  

    SFJROTC and has three primary objects:  

    1. Uphold high academic standards 

    1. Promote school and/or community service  

    1. Develop leadership skills  

    Kitty Hawk also recognizes academic excellence and furthers members’ educational knowledge. Units are encouraged to recruit their best and brightest cadets to lead the Honor Society program. Instructors have flexibility to adjust the program organizational structure, eligibility requirements, membership process and program operations based on the needs of their unit. If adjustments are made, instructors should continue to adhere to the three primary program objectives. 


  • JLAB 

    The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl (JLAB) is a nationally recognized academic competition created exclusively for JROTC students. By participating, cadets learn the values of citizenship, leadership, academic competition, and college opportunity. Normally we train two teams of four on Tuesdays after school from 4-5pm, these teams will be prepared for the different levels of competition. If the teams complete all three levels they will be able to compete in the championship held in Washington D.C. 



  • Community Outreach Program  

    Starting at the beginning of this year, our unit introduced a Community Outreach Program into the Kitty Hawk air society. Through this program we provide general services, like dog walking or yard work, to the disabled or elderly in the community who might require extra assistance with everyday tasks. Those who wish to gain assistance from the program submit an application through the email address, then the Commanders organize a team of cadets to assist as needed. This allows the cadets to gain community service hours and valuable experience with their own community. You can contact us via email at fl955outreach@gmail.com

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