• Jessica Lunsford Act

    A message to vendors and contractors with the Nassau County School Board

    The Jessica Lunsford Act was passed by the 2005 Florida Legislature in response to the abduction and killing of Jessica Lunsford in Citrus County. This law, effective September 1, 2005, affects you if you have a business relationship with the School Board and you, your employees or your agents will be on school grounds during the time students are there, or have direct contact with students, or have access to or control of school funds.

    House Bill 1877, which was approved by the Governor on May 2, 2005 [Chapter 2005-28, L.O.F.], section 21, details the requirements of the Jessica Lunsford Act for school districts.

    Senate Bill 988 was approved by the governor in June 2007 and amended the original Jessica Lunsford Act as well as other portions of the Florida Statutes.

    Section 1012.467 was amended in 2013 to create a statewide uniform identification badge.

    Effective July 1, 2007, the following noninstructional contractors shall be exempt from Level 2 screening requirements set forth in § 1012.465 and 1012.467, Florida Statues:

    1. Noninstructional contractors who are under the direct supervision of a school district employee or contractor who has had a criminal history check and meets the screening requirements under § 1012.32, 1012.465, 1012.467, or 1012.56 (Level 2 screening). “Direct supervision” means that a school district employee or Level 2 contractor is physically present with a noninstructional contractor and the noninstructional contractor remains in the school district employee’s or the Level 2 contractor’s line of sight. If not under direct supervision, the noninstructional contractor is not permitted to remain on school grounds until meeting Level 2 screening requirements.
    2. Noninstructional contractors who are required by law to undergo a Level 2 background screening pursuant to § 435.04 for licensure, certification, employment, or other purposes and who submit evidence of meeting the following criteria:

    a. The contractor meets the screening standards in § 435.04;

    b. The contractor’s license or certificate is active and in good standing if the contractor is a licensee or certificate holder; and

    c. The contractor completed the criminal history check within 5 years prior to seeking access to school grounds when students are present.

    3. A law enforcement officer who is assigned or dispatched to school grounds by his or her employer.

    4. An employee or medical director of an ambulance provider, licensed pursuant to chapter 401, providing services within the scope of part III of chapter 401 on behalf of such ambulance provider.

    5. Noninstructional contractors who remain at a site where students are not permitted if the site is separated from the remainder of the school grounds by a single chain-link fence of 6 feet in height.

    6. A noninstructional contractor who provides pick-up or delivery services and those services involve brief visits on school grounds when students are present.

    A noninstructional contractor who is exempt will have his or her name or other identifying information searched against the registration information regarding sexual offenders and sexual predators on the state FDLE and national Department of Justice sex offender public registries.