• For teachers who are OUT OF FIELD or on a TEMPORARY CERTIFICATE  and need to pass a FLDOE/FTCE certification exam!  

    The Office of Professional Development has purchased FTCE Study materials to help you prepare for your certification exam(s) at NO COST to you. We have 240 tutoring as well as books you can check out for 30-day periods. More information is explained below regarding the two different study methods.

  • Book Request Form

    See below a book request form. After filling out the top portion of the form, you can email it to Jensen Armstrong or Professional Development. Once received, a title and book number will be added and sent back. The completed form should stay inside the book. If you fill out the form virtually, the book will be sent to your school. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Professional Development. 



    Book Request Form

  • 240 Tutoring is an online prep course with a proven success rate (if used consistently and as directed) to study for your required exams.  The courses contain instructional videos, practice questions, practice quizzes, timed practice exams, and explanations on answers you get incorrect.  The program does not allow you to skip questions and go directly to the exams … the success derives from following the process of preparation from start to finish to ensure that you are well prepared.  On average, it takes 30 to 60 days to complete the study materials.


    To receive access to this online prep course, you must do the following:

    1. Schedule your FTCE/FLDOE exam to take place within the next 75 days prior to requesting access to 240 tutoring.
    2. Complete and submit the Nassau 240-Tutoring Request Form.

    Attach a copy of your receipt/confirmation of your scheduled exam.


    The subjects listed below are the ONLY exams covered by 240 Tutoring – if you need to take an exam for a subject NOT listed below – then 240 Tutoring will not be able to help you:


    Biology 6-12

    Chemistry 6-12

    Earth Space Science 6-12

    Elementary Education K-6 Math

    Elementary Education K-6 Language Arts

    and Reading

    Elementary Education K-6 Science

    Elementary Education K-6 Social Science

    English 6-12

    Exceptional Student Education K-12

    ESOL K-12

    General Knowledge ELA

    General Knowledge Essay

    General Knowledge Math

    General Knowledge Reading

    Health K-12

    Mathematics 6-12

    Middle Grades English 5-9

    Middle Grades General Science 5-9

    Middle Grades Math 5-9

    Middle Grades Social Science 5-9

    Physical Education K-12

    Physics 6-12

    Primary PK-3 Developmental Knowledge

    Primary PK-3 Developmental Knowledge

    Primary PK-3 Language Arts and Reading

    Primary PK-3 Math

    Primary PK-3 Science

    Professional Education  

    Reading K-12

    Social Science 6-12


    Once enrolled, you MUST begin the course within 2 weeks of the initial email from 240-Tutoring; otherwise, you will be removed from the course and another eligible employee will be added.  Infrequent usage will result in disabling access.