• Operations Department

    The Grounds Crew is responsible for the grounds of all 22 School Board Properties; this includes keeping all of the playgrounds safe, trimming trees, shrubs, and palms as well as keeping the grass trimmed and edged.

    We coordinate custodial supplies, equipment, uniforms, and training. This includes ordering, warehousing, and distributing the supplies needed to keep the schools clean and fresh.  We also do the ordering, repairing, and upkeep of all the equipment that is used by the custodial staff and grounds crews for all of these properties.  Safety training is provided for the custodial staff and substitute custodians, such as AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act). We are not responsible for hiring or managing the custodial staff.  Any questions regarding employment or human resources, please contact the District Office Personnel Department.

    The Courier service that connects all of our schools throughout our county is coordinated through our office. This is not just taking mail from school to school, but also the distribution of books, moving of furniture as well as delivery of the custodial supplies.