• Instructional Materials
    Nassau County Schools’ K–12 curriculum is composed of a wide range of textbooks and other instructional materials. Each school year, the district adopts a new curriculum in one major subject area according to the state of Florida's instructional materials adoption cycle. The instructional material adoption process includes opportunities for the public to review materials, provide feedback, and submit requests for the reconsideration of adopted materials.

    Instructional Material Adoption
    The textbook adoption process includes input from community stakeholders, including teachers and parents. The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) adopts course instructional materials for each subject area and school year. More information on state requirements and procedures for instructional materials can be found on the Florida Department of Education website.


    Nassau County School District
    Instructional Materials Adoption Timeline 2023-2024
    Social Studies and Science



    October 16

    • NEFEC Science Instructional Materials Review Fair, K-5 (School Personnel Only)

    October 17

    • NEFEC Science Instructional Materials Review Fair, 6-12 (School Personnel Only)

    October 18

    • NEFEC Social Studies Instructional Materials Review Fair, K-12 (School Personnel Only)

    October 23 – November 2

    • Call for District Committee Members to serve on Social Studies and Science Adoption

    October 26

    • Timeline for Social Studies and Science Adoption Presented at School Board Meeting

    November 3 – November 21

    • Adoption Timeline posted on Instructional Materials Website
    • Training opportunities provided regarding review, guidelines, and evaluation of instructional materials  (Finalized dates TBA)

    December 7

    • K-12 Publisher presentations to committee members at Wildlight Elementary School, from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Open and noticed to the public via district website)

    December 11 – January 19

    • School teams review and on evaluate materials through the Edcredible Platform

    January 19

    • Deadline for school evaluations to be submitted and tallied

    February 8

    • School Board Meeting – announce 20-day Public Review period to begin January 11, 2024
    • Public Hearing on recommended materials

    February 9

    • Public Review Period Begins - Recommended materials will be available for public review digitally via the district website

    February 29

    • Public Review Period Ends

    March 14

    • Public comments will be heard at School Board Meeting
    • School approval of recommended materials for adoption

    March 15 - April 14

    • Social Studies and Science textbook recommendations are posted to the district website for public review for 30 calendar days

    April 25

    • SB hears formal objections if submitted
    • If no objections are received, then order specifications are finalized

    May 9

    • Public hearing schedule if needed for contested materials

    May 24

    • Final orders submitted to the Offices of Curriculum and Instruction 


    Materials selected by stakeholders will be ranked in order of selection and vetted against the State's Adopted Materials List. All final selections will be approved and adopted by the Florida Department of Education. Updates will be posted when appropriate.