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    High school campuses are currently administering Grade 10 ELA/FSA Algebra 1 EOC Retakes. Please visit your campus website for specific dates.

    NCSD Assessment Calendar
    Spring 2021 Assessment Calendar

    Reminder: Please bring your fully charged NCSD assigned device with headphones each day of assessments.

    The excitement continues as your student enters high school! Academics, athletics, clubs, fine arts, and much more are part of preparing your student for college, the military, and the workforce. Part of this preparation includes state and end-of-course assessments.  Your student will need to participate in assessments throughout their educational career. You will hear terms such as FSA, EOC, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and other acronyms such as CTE, AP, and FASFA as your student's educational career furthers.

    This page will provide current information regarding your students' graduation requirements based on the year they entered grade 9. 

    Also, information regarding College Board, where your students can participate in SAT School Days in both the Fall and Spring on their campus, as well as register for National Saturday administrations.

    If your student has not already done so, please create an account at www.collegeboard.org

    Does your high school student need an assessment? 

    Although students received an assessment waiver in the Spring of 2020 canceling assessments, this applied to the graduating class of 2020. Currently, enrolled students will need to participate in assessments to meet graduation requirements if they have not already done so. Students may use a concordant score from a previously taken PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, or ACT. 

    On August 15, the FLDOE issued an update allowing for a passing Geometry EOC to be used as the math graduation requirement.

    Students striving for Bright Futures, Merit, or Scholar Designation, are still required to pass the Biology, U.S. History, and Geometry EOC. 

    Please review the details in the link provided FSA - EOC Assessment Guidance

    Each high school campus is aware of this information. Campus guidance counselors can help answer specific questions.



     SAT / ACT National Administratration Dates - NCSD Locations

     SAT-National Administration (NCSD Location) 

     ACT-National Administration (NCSD Location)


  •   Upcoming     

    March 3
    Standard SAT - Grade 11
    Non-Reportable SAT - Grade 12 

    March 30
    Standard ACT - Grade 11